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Landingear for Sale

Selling Used Landingear  $2500 or OBO Please Contact US
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landing gear

Landing Gear by Leg Up was on a Harley

This is a complete System, including wiring harnesses and connectors, rebuilt actuator, computer control, and mounting hardware. We added the optional outboard wheels and springs. I am the second owner and had it mounted and working on an aftermarket shovelhead frame. I don’t know what it was on before. This unit may be adapted to any number of Harley models or cruiser type bikes with a little fabricating or drilling skills involved. Installation and operation instructions are included.  This entire unit is about a $3500 value if you were going to buy it brand new. The brackets and landing gear show signs of having been bolted together and disassembled. Also you will not get a manufacturers warranty with this unit. Landingear is great for anyone how has tipping problems when starting and stopping a bike.

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