Eye Blind enhances the Scope for rifles, Competition shooting, Tactical Shooting and Long range shooting.

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  Eye Blind Rifle Scope Attachment
Made in America • 100% Guaranteed
Increase Your Shooting Accuracy

Eye Blind LLC.  is proud to introduce our shooters blinder to the shooting community. 

We have developed a simple-to-install and -operate device that helps the shooter to overcome several major distractions:

1)  Facial fatigue by relieving the need to squint. 

2)  The constant distraction of side movement 

3)  Eye dryness caused by the wind.

4)  Takes care of any cross dominance or double vision problem.

5)  Nice replacement for Magic Dots, eye patch, or tape on shooting glasses.

   Eye Blind folds back out of the way when not needed.


            The Eye Blind is easy to install. Only a screwdriver is needed to attach the Eye Blind to your sight or scope.

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